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student taking field notes in windy Tierra del Fuego

Student taking field notes in windy Tierra del Fuego. Copyright Christopher Darvill.

UKRI harmonised terms & conditions for research council training grants

UKRI harmonised postgraduate training grant terms and conditions and associated guidance documents are available on the UKRI website - external link. These apply only to NERC studentships that commenced after 1 May 2014.

NERC studentships handbook

The NERC studentships handbook contains all of the terms and conditions and guidance relevant to all studentships offered by NERC prior to 1 May 2014. The handbook contains information covering topics such as maternity leave, financial conditions and the termination of your studentship.

Frequently asked questions

Read the answers to questions asked frequently by NERC students regarding their studentships and the relevant terms and conditions given in the NERC studentships handbook (please note, the answers within these FAQs will only affect studentships that commenced prior to 1 May 2014):

Frequently asked questions - NERC studentships (PDF, 91KB)

Skills training requirements

NERC believes that all research students should receive appropriate training in technical and personal skills. The Researcher Development Statement (RDS) sets out the knowledge, behaviours and attributes of effective and highly skilled researchers appropriate for a wide range of careers. The RDS can be found on the Vitae website - external link. The RDS is an evolution of the Joint Research Councils' Statement on skills training requirements (JSS).

Disabled Students' Allowances

If a student has a long-term disability, and as a result of that disability they are obliged to incur additional expenditure in connection with their studies, they may be eligible for extra allowances, known as Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA). All research council funded students are eligible for these allowances.

Disabled Students' Allowances cover costs relating to additional general expenses, items of equipment, or non-medical assistance during the term of the studentship. Research councils will consider meeting only those costs that are incurred directly and solely as a consequence of taking up a studentship to pursue postgraduate study.

For more information, see the funding for research training - external link page of the UKRI website.

Please note: the research organisation hosting the studentship applies for DSA and not the student themselves. If you believe you are eligible for DSA, please discuss this with your supervisor or relevant university contact.

Stipend levels and indicative fees

Information regarding stipend and fee levels for the current academic year for UKRI students can be found on the funding for research training - external link page of the UKRI website.


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