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Piling it on

29-Jun-2015 - The world s biggest fish tank 29 June 2015 by Richard Hollingham Renewable energy is an important part of the UK s energy mix

NERC puts £15 million into creating new marine robots and sensors

27-Apr-2016 - 27 April 2016 NERC will invest £15 million in Marine Autonomous Systems MAS and sensors over a five year development programme

The rise and rise of the sea

21-Feb-2011 - 21 February 2011 by Eelco Rohling Meticulous sea level research at Southampton University s School of Ocean and Earth Science SOES suggests

Valuing Nature Network

16-Jan-2015 - Programme overview The Valuing Nature Network was a c two year funded network designed to promote and develop interdisciplinary research capacity in

Funding enquiries

04-Dec-2014 - Funding contacts View contact details for all NERC funding research grant fellowship and training enquiries Subscribe to email alerts

Newton Fund Regional Latin America Biodiversity Programme - Researcher Links travel grants and workshops

24-Aug-2017 - 24 August 2017 Workshops and travel grants update Please note the closing date for Phase I has been extended to 20 October 2017 NERC

Case study - Nicola Ranger

02-Mar-2015 - Scientific advisor Department for International Development DFID Government climate change advisor describes NERC PhD as "transformative

RIDE Forum - Members

01-Sep-2015 - Current representatives are detailed in the Members Forum section of the governance page Arts & Humanities Research Council external

AHRC joins NERC-BBSRC policy internships

04-Jun-2014 - 4 June 2014 The Arts & Humanities Research Council AHRC has joined the policy internship scheme previously run by NERC and the Biotechnology

Red squirrels show signs of resistance

23-Nov-2013 - 25 November 2013 by Alex Peel A small group of survivors has offered red squirrels a glimmer of hope in their on going battle with squirrelpox