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Clear biodiversity commitments made by nearly one third of the world's biggest companies

04-Oct-2018 - 4 October 2018 by Dr Prue Addison NERC Knowledge Exchange & Research Fellow Some of the world s biggest private sector companies are

Iron fertilisation would 'significantly' change deep-sea ecosystems

24-Jun-2011 - 24 June 2011 by Tamera Jones Adding iron to the oceans in an effort to curb growing emissions of carbon dioxide CO 2 in the atmosphere would

International ozone treaty needed, scientists warn

15-Oct-2008 - 15 October 2008 by Tom Marshall Pollution controls aren t cutting levels of ground level ozone enough to protect human health and the environment

Glasgow gives warm welcome to geothermal heat research

28-Aug-2018 - 28 August 2018 Glasgow City Council and South Lanarkshire Council have approved plans to develop a world class geothermal research observatory in

Joint Programme on Understanding & Representing Atmospheric Convection across Scales, Announcement of Opportunity: Research funding

18-May-2015 - Please note that clarification has been added to the Announcement of Opportunity to confirm costs are listed as 80 FEC Closing date for Expressions

Biodiverse pastures make for tastier meat

14-Jan-2009 - 14 January 2009 by Tom Marshall Raising animals on natural pastures like moorland and salt marsh doesn t just help maintain biodiversity it also

Joint NERC-ESRC call on Unconventional Hydrocarbons in the UK Energy System: Environmental & socio-economic impacts & processes

05-Jul-2017 - 5 July 2017 NERC and the Economic & Social Research Council ESRC are investing £8 million in a research programme on Unconventional Hydrocarbons

Arctic sea-ice thinning as well as receding

28-Oct-2008 - 28 October 2008 Last winter the thickness of sea ice in large parts of the Arctic fell by nearly 19 per cent compared with the previous five winters

Stoats and the Irish question

31-May-2008 - 31 May 2008 by Natália Martínková and Jeremy B Searle Natália Martínková and Jeremy B Searle dusted

Environmental Virtual Observatory EVO

16-Jan-2015 - Programme overview The pilot Environmental Virtual Observatory EVO was a proof of concept project created to demonstrate that linking data models