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Sea level rise

21-Apr-2008 - The disappearing Muir Glacier Alaska in 2004 21 April 2008 by Jonathan Gregory How much will global sea levels rise this century

The rise and rise of the sea

21-Feb-2011 - suggests that large long term sea level rise is coming our way unless we take drastic action soon Eelco Rohling tells us what this projection is based

Coastal defences could contribute to flooding with sea-level rise

01-Aug-2014 - 1 August 2014 by Harriet Jarlett A combination of coastal defences and rising sea levels could change typical UK tidal ranges potentially

Announcement of Opportunity: The Future of Thwaites Glacier & its Contribution to Sea-level Rise

21-Oct-2016 - Contribution to Sea level Rise This is a co funded programme between NERC and the National Science Foundation NSF with the objective

Keeping back the sea - How to predict floods

19-Sep-2008 - to significant human hardship Along our coastlines too rising sea levels and more storms directly increase the risk of coastal flooding and pose a growing

Warming waters release methane plumes into Arctic sea

24-Aug-2009 - 24 August 2009 by Tom Marshall Scientists have found more than 250 plumes of methane gas rising from the seabed near Svalbard in the Arctic

Sea robots show Arctic climate change

08-Jun-2018 - made from glider data that shows the chlorophyll concentration rise as spring arrives in the Barents Sea Image by Dr Marie Porter SAMS

Marine SA Appendix 3 SEA Assessment (PDF, 4.85MB)

16-Mar-2015 - 35 Annex 1 Summary of ES and poverty linkage in SEA region Annex 2 Philippines Country Report Annex 3 Vietnam Country Report

Thwaites - The Future of Thwaites Glacier & its Contribution to Sea-level Rise

27-Sep-2016 - there doubled in six years and now accounts for about 10 of global sea level rise The most rapid ice loss is currently from Pine Island Glacier

Glacier's retreat is now irreversible

13-Jan-2014 - 13 January 2014 by Harriet Jarlett Pine Island Glacier the largest single contributor to sea level rise in Antarctica has started