RIDE Forum - About us


The RIDE Forum aims to enhance the beneficial impact of the UK's publicly funded research and innovation by informing policy and practice to support effective decision-making and the implementation of sustainable solutions that work with our dynamic natural environment.

It will do this by enabling funders to align, leverage their resources and avoid duplication, resulting in more efficient use of public funds through sharing and co-developing strategies, joint priority-setting and drawing out interdisciplinary partnership opportunities. Through this it will also enable the UK academic community to form independent beneficial and impactful links to the policy and practice community.

The Forum's unique contribution lies in its breadth. It brings together the complementary resources of the many different disciplines and publically-funded sector stakeholders needed to increase our understanding of the natural, social, economic and technological systems interacting with environmental change and the translation of that knowledge into innovating policy and practice. It focuses on the UK perspective and challenges, whilst necessarily placing that in the international context.

It will also work in partnership with business sectors and civil society on specific thematic issues. By taking this overview, it is able to add value to other, more discipline-, sector- or geographically-focused networks, drawing together their expertise in novel coalitions where needed.


By bringing members together, and working through the members, we will:

  1. Enhance strategic information exchange - Share information between funders and research users to help members identify common interests and priorities, build a strategic view across the landscape and foster partnership opportunities (especially multi-disciplinary).

  2. Champion environmental change research and innovation - Provide a focal point for raising awareness of the collective work being undertaken.

  3. Enable organisations to facilitate co-design or policy- and practice-facing research and innovation activities - Build communities of interest between funders, policymakers, businesses and researchers. Provide a focus to explore opportunities for collaboration where ideas and partnerships can develop, to establish projects of scale that help members leverage their own resources. Particularly in areas where members require access to knowledge, people, skills and capabilities that a single organisation could not do alone.

  4. Promote the application of research outputs and evidence into policy and practice - Feed into, and endorse, best practice for accelerating the impact of research investments on policy development, implementation and practice.

Stakeholder advice

It will be important for members to have clear sight of the major issues identified by business which cross-disciplinary research can play a positive role in addressing.

Strategic cross-sectoral engagement with stakeholders, including business, will be strengthened and deepened through:

  • Seeking to involve relevant businesses in sub-groups and other activities delivering specific projects.
  • Looking for other opportunities to engage high-level business representatives on specific issues, such as through round-table stakeholder fora.

Routes for third-sector engagement will be considered and implemented along similar lines to above.

Interaction with other related networks (eg Environmental Change Network (ECN), UK Environmental Observation Framework (UKEOF), UK Water Partnership, Global Food Security (GFS)) will be maintained via the secretariat to ensure sharing of information and join up where possible.

You can find more detail about our history and operations in the document below.

RIDE Forum - Communications and model summary (PDF, 311KB)