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Publications and reports

Living With Environmental Change (LWEC) delivered a range of products on behalf of members, which added value for decision-makers in government, business and society by combining the expertise of the whole network.

Climate change impacts report cards

LWEC's climate change impacts report cards present the latest evidence on how climate change affects different aspects of our environment, economy and society. They are designed for decision-makers at any level, but in particular for use by policy advisors, ministers and local authorities.

Policy and practice notes

LWEC's policy and practice notes draw out conclusions and recommendations from research funded by LWEC members. They present key findings in non-technical language for public, private and third-sector audiences.

Each note is tailored to its target audience; some are intended for a broad and diverse audience while others are more tightly focused on the needs of specific group of research users, for example local government, small businesses or national policy-makers.

Knowledge exchange

LWEC knowledge exchange guidelines (PDF, 3MB)

Ecosystem services

A roadmap for realising nature's value (PDF, 531KB)

Health and wellbeing

Flooding and health research workshop: Research and data priorities (PDF, 197KB)

Environment and health case study (PDF, 134KB)

Flooding and coastal erosion

UK Flood & Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM) research strategy (PDF, 2.7MB)

Understanding risk (PDF, 409KB)

Managing probability (PDF, 404KB)

Managing consequence (PDF, 408KB)


UK Water Research & Innovation Framework: Taking Responsibility for Water (PDF, 1MB)


Climate science, the public and the news media (PDF, 2.5MB)

A forward look for UK research on climate impacts of geoengineering (PDF, 2.8MB)