Working together

NERC has established and maintained long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with UK organisations in the public sector and civil society.

Working in partnership, we:

  • Share and understand specific strategic interests and needs in environmental science.
  • Identify opportunities to accelerate the translation of existing environmental science into real world applications, tools and solutions.
  • Contribute to the identification of priorities for new strategic research.

By building a deeper understanding of the challenges facing our partners, NERC is able to:

  • Design our research and innovation investments are of greater relevance to our partners' sectors.
  • Ensure outputs of research are relevant and can be utilised by organisations.
  • Equip top talent with the skills they need to meet our partner sector needs.

We work with partners to inform NERC research and innovation through three broad routes:

  • Strategic bilateral partnerships. These collaborations are between NERC and a named partner under a co-developed framework for long-term engagement. For example, see our current strategic partnerships.
  • Strategic multi-lateral partnerships. These engagements are with multiple stakeholders through networks and forums. For example, see the Research & Innovation for our Dynamic Environment (RIDE) Forum.
  • Issue-led partnerships. These relationships are with the specific policy partners and are focused on defined areas of research and innovation. For example, see our current research announcements.

Contact us

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