Announcement of Opportunity: Environmental Evidence for the Future initiative call 2018

Closing date: 16:00 on 8 November 2018

NERC is inviting proposals for research projects costing up to £100,000 (100% full economic cost (FEC)) and of up to 12 months' duration under the Environmental Evidence for the Future (EEF) initiative .

Mapping activities should be based within the context of the UK's decision to leave the European Union (EU), and the associated environmental frameworks, with a view to addressing the likely medium to long-term public policy and regulatory challenges across the UK. Projects will seek to build and strengthen the environmental evidence base in the long-term by:

  • informing potential further research, innovation and/or syntheses activities
  • demonstrating and developing best practice
  • supporting capacity and community building.

EEF is a new programme of activity, led by NERC and supported by the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC), that will pave the way to addressing the crucial medium to long-term challenges and exciting opportunities that present from the UK leaving the EU. It will include optimising sustainable environmental management and ensuring the resilience of our ecosystems and the quality of our environment.

Funding of up to £400,000 (100% FEC) is available for this call.

The closing date is 16:00 on 8 November 2018.

Further information

Further information about this call, and details on how to submit a proposal, can be found in the Announcement of Opportunity document below.

A document outlining the relevant policies and/or evidence interests of Defra, Scottish Government, the Welsh Government and Northern Ireland's Department of Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs is also provided for reference.

Announcement of Opportunity (PDF, 124KB)

EEF 2018 UK Government Department & Devolved Agency supplementary information (PDF, 183KB)


If you require further information, please contact .