Towards a Sustainable Earth: The environment-human landscape - Pre-announcement of Opportunity

Closing date: 16:00 on 24 June 2016

NERC, the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) and The Rockefeller Foundation are working together towards the ambitious goal of identifying the urgent research priorities and innovation challenges that may inform and catalyse a paradigm shift in our global approach to sustainable development. The nature of our 21st Century development challenges requires a shift in thinking and action that will better prepare us for future challenges, while enabling more effective development interventions today.

The inspiration for our collaboration is the core premise that the environment-human relationship must be central to our sustainable development solutions, recognising that maintaining the resilience of our ecosystems, the security of natural resources and the stability of Earth's life-support systems is necessary for humans to thrive. The work will be framed by the current global context, including in particular the Sustainable Development Goals - external link (SDGs), now termed 'UN Global Goals'.

NERC is seeking an individual or team to produce a synthesis of past and current research and innovation relating to the policy landscape surrounding the environment-human relationships and systems that interact across the UN Global Goals.

For further details and how to apply, please see the Contracts Finder website - external link.


For further details please contact:

Matt Dobson
07712 233840