Belmont Forum and FACCE-JPI Announcement of Opportunity

Closing date: 30 September 2013

Proposals are invited to this joint funding call of approximately €10·5m between the Belmont Forum and the Agriculture, Food Security & Climate Change Joint Programming Initiative (FACCE-JPI). The UK contribution is supported jointly by BBSRC, ESRC and NERC to the value of €1·75m. This opportunity is aimed at supporting excellent research on the theme of food security and land-use change.

With its overall focus on food security, this call emphasises three fundamental topics:

  • Topic 1: Land use change impacts on food systems.
  • Topic 2: Food systems dynamics as driver of land use changes.
  • Topic 3: Feedback loop interactions between land use change and food security dynamics.

Two types of project are offered:

  • Type 1. Community building projects (12 to 18 months, for up to €300k).
    These short-term exploratory projects seek to build communities that bring on board various disciplines and stakeholder groups around a common object of research. The focus should be on networking, capacity building, co-design of research questions and co-building of methodologies for integrated research, spatial scale interaction analysis, knowledge appropriation by key users, etc.

  • Type 2. Medium to long-term integrated projects (3 to 5 years, up to €3m) - Pre-proposal phase.
    These projects will seek to address the key research questions in an integrated manner, with emphasis on a multidisciplinary and multi-stakeholder approach in co-design and co-implementation. Proposals should seek to enhance fundamental understanding of the complex interactions between and within natural and human systems specifically in relation to food security and land use. The proposals must include stakeholder involvement from the outset and must have a clear plan for how the results would be used. The application process for Type 2 projects is a two-stage process. This announcement is for pre-proposals.

The call is expected to support up to fifteen Type 1 projects and three Type 2 projects.

Funding will support researchers to cooperate in consortia consisting of partners from at least three of the participating Belmont Forum / FACCE-JPI countries, which must bring together trans-disciplinary teams with multi-stakeholder participation (policy makers, regulators, NGOs, communities and industry); proposals must integrate natural and social systems and must examine a variety of coupled interactions and feedbacks among relevant systems.

BBSRC, ESRC and NERC, under the auspices of the UK's Global Food Security Programme, are funding the UK contribution to this call, of up to €1·75m, and expect to support UK participation in a total of approximately five to eight projects across both project types.

Potential UK applicants should be aware that, in order to add value to existing strategic investments, some eligibility restrictions apply to UK environmental and biological/biotechnology researchers.[1]

Full details are available on the Belmont Forum - external link - website. Before applying, it is essential that you read the UK National Annex document below.

UK National Annex (PDF, 26KB)

The annex was updated on 29 August 2014 to reflect the fact that ESRC's policy of funding international CoIs does not apply to this call.

The closing date for Type 1 proposals and Type 2 pre-proposals is 30 September 2013.

  1. NERC: Only Principal or Co-Investigators on existing NERC grants or NERC centre researchers involved with relevant NERC National Capability are eligible as natural science Lead or Partner Principal Investigators.
    BBSRC: Only those researchers eligible for BBSRC managed-mode funding are eligible as biological / biotechnology science Lead or Partner Principal Investigators.
    ESRC: Standard ESRC rules apply.