Our strategy, science and funding decisions are built on partnerships.

We work with business to support UK ambitions for growth, resilience in a changing world, and responsible management of the environment.

With other research councils, government and civil society we tackle issues like sustainable urban living and how to manage ecosystems to continue providing the benefits we rely on.

We pool resources with other nations to address complex and shared environmental challenges, from sustaining healthy water supplies to understanding the implications of rapid warming in the Arctic.

We work with universities and research centres to sustain world-leading research that delivers value and impact for the UK economy and society.

Innovation partnerships

We help users across all sectors of business, government and society to find and use world-class environmental science so they can deliver innovation and economic growth with responsible environmental management.

International research

NERC works with partners overseas to jointly tackle large-scale environmental research challenges and to make the best use of our resources by aligning national programmes, co-funding calls for proposals, and sharing capability.

Cross-council initiatives

NERC works closely with its sister research councils to help plan and deliver scientific research initiatives, which aim to address a range of global and societal challenges.

Research & Innovation for our Dynamic Environment (RIDE) Forum

The RIDE Forum (which has evolved from the Living With Environmental Change partnership) is a network of 19 UK public-sector organisations that have a stake in environmental change research, innovation, training and capabilities.