Sustaining Water Resources for Food, Energy & Ecosystem Services (SWR)

River Ganges at Haridwar

This UK/India collaboration, led by NERC and the Ministry of Earth Sciences, aims to support interdisciplinary research focused on improving the understanding of water resources and its role in food, energy and ecosystem services in India. The programme is funded by the Newton-Bhabha Fund, an initiative of the UK and Indian governments established by the Governments of the UK and India to provide a framework for increasing research and innovation collaborations that support sustainable economic growth

Webinar: Sustaining Water Resources for Food, Energy & Ecosystem Services in India

16 Dec 2020

The webinar showcased the research, successes and lessons learned from the SWR programme. UK and Indian Principle Investigators demonstrated the outputs and outcomes from the projects, with a focus on outcomes relevant to end users.

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Rapid development (demographic and economic change) is increasing stress on India's water resources (rivers, lakes and groundwater) resulting in declining water quantity and quality. These demands on India's water resources are predicted to continue to grow and to be exacerbated by climate change, land-use change, population growth and urbanisation. Ensuring water security is therefore a priority for India, however achieving this requires a good understanding of the amount, movement, storage, quality and usage of water in any given basin, and how each of these is likely to change in future. The aim of this joint NERC-MoES activity is to support the novel environmental science needed to understand the wide range of basin processes that affect water security and their interactions, facilitating sustainable basin-wide water management and contributing to economic development and social welfare.

This activity is supported by the Newton-Bhabha Fund, a joint programme established by the governments of the UK and India. The Fund provides a framework for promoting increased research and innovation collaboration, developing long-term, sustainable partnerships and contributing to economic growth. This activity is part of the programme pillar of the Newton-Bhabha Fund, which aims to support scientifically excellent research in areas that make the maximum contribution towards jointly approved grand societal challenges, in this case research that will contribute to securing the provision of food, water, energy, and ecosystem services.


2015 - 2019

Can I apply for a grant?

No, not at this time.


Up to £3 million (80% full economic cost) is available from NERC for this call to fund eligible costs requested by successful grant applications by UK-India teams. MoES are offering an equivalent amount of funding for this programme recognising the difference in cost of undertaking science in India.

Programme awards

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A scoping workshop for this call was held in March 2015. The report detailing the discussions at this workshop can be found below.

Workshop report (PDF, 628KB)