2016 UK IODP General Conference

15 November 2016
Royal Geographical Society (Education Centre)
1 Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AR

 This event has now closed 

The UK International Ocean Discovery Programme (IODP) team announced that the 2016 general conference would be held on the 15 November 2016 at the Royal Geographical Society (Education Centre) in London.

A one page abstract could be submitted for suggested talks and/or posters, which were put together as an electronic package for the day and on the UK IODP website. There were a limited number of talks so most submissions were poster presentations with ample time given to display posters on the day.

UK IODP provided UK travel costs, within reason, for invited speakers and students.

Keynote speakers included:

  • Ian Hall (Cardiff), 'Southern African Climates IODP Expedition 361'
  • Joanna Morgan (Imperial), 'Chicxulub K-T Impact Crater IODP Expedition 364'
  • Lisa McNeill (Southampton), 'Sumatra Seismogenic Zone IODP Expedition 362'
  • Chris MacLeod (Cardiff), 'The nature of the intrusive crust and Moho at slower spreading ridges: SloMo Leg 1 (IODP Expedition 360)' by Chris MacLeod, Henry Dick, Peter Blum and the IODP Expedition 360 Scientific Party.

Registration for the event closed on the 10 October 2016.


For further details of this event, please contact:

Matthew Dobson