Announcement of Opportunity: UK Climate Resilience (Met Office open call)

19 February 2019

Call closed at 12:00 on 23 April 2019

The Met Office are inviting expressions of interest for the Strategic Priorities Fund (SPF) UK Climate Resilience programme open funding call 'Comparison of risk assessment frameworks and evaluation of their suitability for use in climate risk assessment on timescales from a season ahead to decades ahead'.

The UK Climate Resilience programme is developing the capability to assess climate risk by combining climate hazard, exposure and vulnerability information. There are many alternative approaches to do this, including more qualitative risk matrices (as used for short-term weather warnings), integrated assessment to highly quantitative approaches used in catastrophe modelling. This project will consider the available frameworks and equip the UK Climate Resilience programme with the information needed to decide which to implement. The frameworks considered should be compatible with decision-making approaches used by UK stakeholders.

A nine-month grant of £100,000 will be awarded from July 2019.

For full details of project aims, deliverables and how to apply, please visit the Met Office website - external link -.