Pre-announcement: Landscape Decisions Fellowships

NERC will shortly be inviting proposals for fellowships as part of the UKRI Strategic Priorities Fund Landscape Decisions programme.

This call aims to support the development of a new Landscape Decisions community from diverse research base, facilitate multidisciplinary research synthesis across the Landscape Decisions Programme Work Packages, translate solutions and innovations in Landscape Decision support tools into the policy context, and/or engage a diverse cross-section of local communities in the thinking about future Landscape Decisions.

Particular challenges that could be addressed by the fellowships may include, but are not limited to, climate-resilient Landscape Decisions, how Landscape Decisions can support the net zero carbon goal, and how decisions on multifunctional landscapes can be taken under uncertainty to improve environmental land management. The outcomes of the activities are expected to lead to new and improved understanding from the synthesis of research from different disciplines, the uptake of research outcomes in policy-making and applications, and methods for inclusive landscape decision processes.

Three types of fellowships lasting up to two years are foreseen:

  • Research synthesis fellowships
  • Research translation fellowships
  • Landscapes for communities fellowships


This will be an open call and is not limited to individuals with existing funding from the Landscape Decisions programme.

Individuals in approved UK Higher Education Institutions, Research Council Institutes, and Independent Research Organisations are eligible to apply for programme funds. Exceptionally, individuals from Public Sector Research Establishments (PSRE) with 10 or more researchers with PhDs (or equivalent) are also eligible to apply – more information on PSRE eligibility will be available in the Announcement of Opportunity (AO).


Note all dates are indicative and subject to change.

  • AO release: November 2019
  • Full proposal submission deadline: February 2020
  • Interview panel: June 2020
  • Latest project start date: 1 August 2020


For all enquiries about the Landscape Decisions Programme, please contact .