NERC invites the environmental science community to submit new ideas for highlight topics

8 February 2021

NERC is seeking ideas for research challenges that should be priorities for strategic research investment through highlight topics. NERC would welcome ideas from both researchers and those who use environmental science research.

Ideas for new highlight topics should be submitted by 4 May 2021 using the online form. Guidance explaining what we are looking for, how to submit ideas and how NERC staff can help, is available in the document below.

Guidance for developing and submitting ideas for strategic research highlight topics (PDF, 180KB) (PDF, 215KB)

Ideas will have a lifetime of a single round to ensure they remain timely. All submitters of ideas received by NERC will receive feedback on their ideas, and there are no restrictions on resubmission of ideas that have not been used to develop potential investments.

NERC encourages ideas from all parts of the environmental science community and NERC staff are available to discuss potential ideas and provide advice. If you have any queries on the process, or would like advice on a potential idea, please contact us at in the first instance, and we will put you in touch with a NERC colleague who can help.