Ganga Delta - Bay of Bengal Interactions sandpit event

Satellite view of Ganga Delta

11-13 September 2018
Kolkata, India

NERC are inviting applications from UK scientists to attend a joint sandpit event on the proposed Ganga Delta - Bay of Bengal Interactions programme, in conjunction with India's Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), with support from the Newton-Bhabha Fund, in Kolkata the week commencing 11-13 September 2018.

NERC, working with MoES, are planning a major investment in research that will provide an improved understanding of how the Ganga Delta and Bay of Bengal are being impacted by climate change and human activity, and how the risks to the ecosystem services they provide can be mitigated.

The investment provides the opportunity for UK scientists to form substantial collaborations with Indian scientists to undertake research.

As an initial step to help build partnerships and facilitate collaboration, NERC and MoES will hold the sandpit event 11-13 September in Kolkata. The sandpit event will be an intensive workshop running over three days and will bring together approximately 40 academics from across the UK and India to facilitate the development of interdisciplinary research proposals, which will address challenges related to Ganga Delta - Bay of Bengal Interactions.

In order to participate, applicants must be available for the whole of the three-day sandpit event (plus one day either side will be needed for travel, which might include travel at the weekend) week commencing 10 September, and must also be able to obtain a visa and travel to India.

For more information, please read the below documents before applying to attend the event.

Ganga Delta Bay of Bengal expression of interest for sandpit participants (PDF, 138KB)

If you would like to apply to attend the sandpit event, please complete the online registration form. The deadline for applications is 16:00 on 22 May 2018.

Please note:

  • Applications submitted outside of the NERC online registration system will not be considered.
  • The total number of participants from the UK is limited and the selection panel will ensure a balance of different disciplines/expertise and the number of attendees from the same institution. It is expected that approximately 20 UK participants will be invited.
  • NERC will not be able to give individual feedback to unsuccessful applicants.
  • Participants involved in the projects developed during the sandpit will be tasked with writing full proposals covering their intended activities as identified at the sandpit.
  • Full proposals must include additional researchers, co-investigators and researcher co-investigators not present at the workshop to ensure that the project teams have the resources and expertise needed to successfully deliver the research.


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