Announcement of Opportunity: Future Climate for Africa - Gap Filling Fund

Closing date: 16:00 UK GMT 25 January 2018

Full proposals are invited for a new funding round as part of the Future Climate for Africa (FCFA) research programme funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) and NERC.

FCFA is a £20 million international research programme to advance scientific understanding and prediction of African climate variability and change and, through interdisciplinary research, develop the knowledge, data and tools to better integrate climate projections into decision making today.

This closed call, the Gap Filling Fund, aims to support small projects led by early career researchers already involved in FCFA. Projects of up to £80,000 cost to NERC over a maximum duration of 12 months will be supported. This call has a total available budget of £250,000 and successful projects are expected to start on 1 April 2018.

Proposals will aim to address identified gaps within the pillar one climate science of FCFA[1], in order to increase understanding of climate variability and change in sub-Saharan Africa. The gap filling projects should not duplicate already funded research, including current FCFA grants, but will complement ongoing activities. Applicants are expected to submit proposals that address identified gaps in knowledge, and build upon already established results from the FCFA programme. Further details on activities already funded under the FCFA programme can be found on Grants on the Web - external link.

This is a closed call. Principal investigators on submitted proposals must be early career researchers (up to eight years post PhD award, based on full-time working) currently or previously involved in pillar one of FCFA.

The closing date for full proposals is 16:00 GMT on 25 January 2018. Full proposals must be submitted on the form provided (with specified attachments) to NERC via email.

Please see the guidance document below for full details of the call.

FCFA 2018 Gap Filling Fund Guidance (PDF, 134KB)

FCFA 2018 form document (Word, 102KB)

For further information about this announcement of opportunity, please contact:

Simon Howe
Senior Programme Manager (Research)
01793 418015

  1. World leading scientific research to advance understanding and prediction of African climate variability and change over medium-term timescales (roughly five to 40 years): Advancing knowledge of African climate variability and change in areas critical to inform longer-lived decisions; develop and evaluate models with an 'African lens'; assess uncertainties and extract useful information.