Biosphere Evolution, Transitions & Resilience: First science meeting

Meeting room

17-18 January 2019 (Thursday - Friday)
Geological Society, London

The first Biosphere Evolution, Transitions & Resilience (BETR) science meeting, Earth Systems transitions - How resilient is the biosphere?, is taking place at the Geological Society, London on 17-18 January 2019.

The Earth system has evolved through major transitions towards its present well oxygenated, biologically diverse and ecologically complex state, but have these changes made ecosystems and environments more stable with time?

This symposium will debate a series of major transitions in the light of the most recent research findings that may help us to assess the evolution of biosphere resilience.

The four main themes of the meeting are:

  1. Earth system transitions: the Precambrian
  2. Earth system transitions: the Palaeozoic Era
  3. Earth system transitions: the Mesozoic and Cainozoic eras
  4. how resilient is the biosphere - key notes and discussion.

The convenors are:

  • Dr Susan Canney (Oxford)
  • Professor Tim Lenton (Exeter)
  • Professor Graham Shields (University College London)
  • Professor Paul Valdes (Bristol)
  • Professor David Waltham (Royal Holloway)
  • Professor Paul Wignall (Leeds)
  • Dr Ying Zhou (University College London)

How to apply

The registration to the conference and call for abstracts are already open on the Geological Society's website. The deadline of submission of an abstract is 30 November 2018. If you would like to register or submit an abstract to the meeting please visit the Geological Society's website - external link.