Research outputs

Open access

Free and open access to publicly-funded research offers significant social and economic benefits and the government is committed to ensuring that such research should be freely accessible. The UKRI's policy on access to research outputs - external link - applies to all research papers based on work funded by research councils.

NERC is committed to the principles articulated in the UKRI policy. We will ensure that the ideas and knowledge derived from our research, survey and monitoring activities are made available as widely, rapidly and effectively as practicable - to other researchers and to potential users in business, charitable and public sectors, and the general public. To ensure maximum availability and opportunity for reuse, it is NERC's policy that it will retain the copyright in the published outputs of its own staff.

According to the terms of our Data Policy, a copy of any dataset of long-term value resulting from NERC-funded activities must be offered to one of our data centres.

For enquiries about open access please contact:

Avril Allman
01793 411665

Grants on the Web (GOTW)

Information about NERC grants is also available through the Grants on the Web - external link - system.

Grants information is collected by UK Shared Business Services (UKSBS) and uploaded weekly. Only grants submitted to NERC from June 2000 onwards are displayed.

Gateway to Research (GtR)

NERC grants information can also be found through the Gateway to Research - external link system, which is a single web-based portal funded by all seven research councils and Innovate UK. GtR combines grants details and outputs information provided by researchers through Researchfish® - external link, offering an opportunity to explore the entire breadth of research across all disciplines and industry sectors.

NERC libraries and archives

Our centres hold comprehensive collections of environmental science related information accessible online and in libraries and archives open to researchers and the public.

NERC Open Research Archive (NORA)

NORA - external link - is the repository for the research publications and research outcomes of NERC staff in its four wholly owned research centres:

  • British Antarctic Survey (BAS)
  • British Geological Survey (BGS)
  • Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH)
  • National Oceanography Centre (NOC)