Research outcomes data collection - A vital part of environmental science

7 March 2017

The research councils are currently gathering the outcomes of the research we support in universities and institutes, via our annual Researchfish® data collection exercise - external link.

As a publicly-funded body, NERC must account for the funding it awards and explain the achievements of the research and training it invests in - the collection of data via Researchfish® is a vital part of this, with the information being used in multiple ways. It supports our decision-making processes, it helps us monitor progress against our objectives, and it is also made publicly available on the research councils' Gateway to Research (GtR) website, so is openly accessible to all.

In response to community feedback, we have worked with Researchfish over the past year to redesign the user interface and we hope that navigation and submission of information is more straightforward and intuitive. For instance, a 'portfolio' of information can now be created, which doesn't need to be linked to a specific grant, but can be helpful for building a CV; and users can link directly with ORCIDs (Open Researcher & Contributor IDs).

NERC would like to thank all researchers and students who are providing outcomes data. This collection period is open until 16:00 on 16 March 2017 - so there is still plenty of time left to submit data - and it really is worthwhile, helping us collectively make the case for continued investment in environmental science.