Stage 2 proposals wanted for £1.3 million public engagement fund

5 October 2018

NERC has opened a call for public engagement proposals costing up to £1·3 million over three years. This significant new investment towards public engagement highlights the importance of the environmental issues at the core of the programme.

Group of lightbulbs

It also demonstrates NERC's commitment to fostering the skills and talent within the scientific community to engage in diverse and meaningful ways with the complex issues that matter to our daily lives.

This call forms stage 2 of the Engaging Environments programme which was set up to create and deliver long-term, effective projects to engage the UK public with the contemporary issues of environmental science.

Stage 1 of the programme saw a wide range of projects. Examples of these include working with scientists to tell engaging climate stories, and working with local communities so they are able to benefit from and influence the environmental science that matters to them. The diversity of approaches shows the benefit of public engagement to those working both within and outside of environmental science research.

Director of Corporate Affairs Alison Robinson said:

This investment in public engagement signals our commitment to working with our community and different public audiences to make sure environmental science is accessible, relevant and open. NERC science is at the heart of many local and national public debates, and this programme will allow a coordinated and dedicated approach to sharing environmental science with communities and people nationally.

The increasing interest among the UK public for environmental issues - from plastics, to clean air, climate and how the environment links to our health and local communities - shows the timeliness of our investment. This programme seeks to ensure that we can all benefit from accessing and informing the science behind environmental debates as it plays a key role in all our lives.

Further information

Hannah King
Public Engagement Officer
01793 411572

Ione Bingley
Press & Communications Officer
01793 411616


1. The Engaging Environments stage 2 funding call is by invitation only and closes on 18 December 2018.

2. For more information on the previous stage of the Engaging Environments programme, see the original stage 1 funding call.