How to suggest a name for our new ship

2 February 2016

We have a new research ship under construction at Cammell Laird in Birkenhead and we need a name for her![1]

We will be launching a competition to suggest a name very soon, but if you want to get your great idea on the list before we get started, we will be happy to hear from you.

Artist's impression of the new polar vessel. Copyright Cammell Laird/BAS

Artist's impression of the new polar vessel. Copyright Cammell Laird / BAS.

Currently, she has the working title 'New Polar Research Vessel' which is descriptive, but not very exciting. When ready in 2019, the new ship will be operated by the British Antarctic Survey to work in the polar regions and join our NERC fleet doing science around the globe.

If you already have an idea, please submit your idea by email to Julia Maddock at , with a short explanation about why this name would be suitable for a polar ship and your contact details. We will include it in the list of ideas we are building and notify you when the competition is launched, so that you can encourage people to vote for the name you have suggested.

The best names will be put forwards to an expert panel to select an appropriate name. If your suggestion is selected, you get the bragging rights of saying you suggested the name of our new ship!

We will be applying to register her as a Royal Research Ship (RRS) so her name will be in the format of RRS Name.

Further information

Julia Maddock
07785 459139

  1. Ships are traditionally referred to as female.