2013 news announcements

New appointments to the Natural Environment Research Council

David Willetts, minister for universities & science, has announced three new appointments and the reappointment of two members to the Natural Environment Research Council.

13 Jun 2013

Funding to help understand soil's key role in Global Food Security

Funders have joined forces to offer £4·5m for research into soil ecosystems and their impact on agriculture and food production.

12 Jun 2013

Billion-year-old water could hold clues to life on Earth and Mars

A UK-Canadian team of scientists has discovered ancient pockets of water, which have been isolated deep underground for billions of years and contain abundant chemicals known to support life.

16 May 2013

Plants use underground networks to warn of enemy attack

Plants use underground fungal networks to warn their neighbours of aphid attack, UK scientists have discovered.

10 May 2013

BIOMASS mission given go ahead to launch in 2020

The European Space Agency's (ESA) Earth Observation Programme Board has today given the go-ahead for a new €400m Earth Observation mission.

7 May 2013

CryoSat-2 mission reveals major Arctic sea-ice loss

Arctic sea ice volume has declined by 36% in the autumn and 9% in the winter between 2003 and 2012, a UK-led team of scientists has discovered.

13 Feb 2013

UK and USA collaborate in airborne climate science projects

In the first scientific collaboration of its kind, NERC and NASA scientists are using a robotic aircraft to gather high altitude atmospheric data.

25 Jan 2013

Innovations in soil science will grow the solutions to global food security

A new report highlights the importance of soil science in overcoming food and fuel crop shortages.

22 Jan 2013