2013 news announcements

Birds outpace climate change to avoid extinction

A new study, supported by funding from the Natural Environment Research Council, has shed light on the potential of birds to survive in the face of climate change.

10 Jul 2013

New ship for UK marine science handed over to NERC

The new ship to serve the UK marine science community was yesterday (8 July 2013) handed over to NERC by its builder CNP Freire, SA in Vigo, Spain.

9 Jul 2013

Finding the Goldilocks sites to store CO2 underground

To implement carbon capture and storage (CCS) successfully, each underground repository will need careful appraisal based on its unique history and setting, according to a new study co-authored by researchers from the University of Bristol.

9 Jul 2013

Earthworms could help scientists 'dig' into past climates

A team of UK researchers believe earthworms could provide a window into past climates, allowing scientists to piece together the prevailing weather conditions thousands of years ago.

8 Jul 2013

Rocks can restore our climate... after 300,000 years

A study of a global warming event that happened 93 million years ago suggests that the Earth can recover from high carbon dioxide emissions faster than thought.

8 Jul 2013

Female scientists campaign for change in gender inequality in science

NERC-funded archaeological science PhD student, Julie Dunne of the University of Bristol, will today present 'Milking it' at London's Southbank as part of this year's Soapbox Science event.

5 Jul 2013

Evidence suggests Antarctic crabs could be native

A new study has cast doubt on the claim that crabs may have disappeared from Antarctica only to return due to warming seas.

5 Jul 2013

University of East Anglia research reveals true cost of farming to UK economy

The British landscape is not being used to its best advantage according to a new report from environmental economists from the University of East Anglia (UEA).

5 Jul 2013

Harvesting sustainable chemicals and energy at sea

New materials are helping to make mass cultivation of Europe's near-shore seaweeds a reality. It could reduce our dependency on crude oil.

3 Jul 2013

NERC funded professor wins 2013 Martha T Muse Prize

Professor Martin Siegert has been awarded the 2013 Muse Prize - the major international prize in Antarctic research - for his innovative research on Antarctic subglacial lakes and the reconstruction of Antarctic glacial history.

3 Jul 2013