2013 news announcements

St Andrews ecologist wins photo prize

A NERC-funded researcher from the University of St Andrews, Dr Gavin Ballantyne, has won a prize in the British Ecological Society's annual photographic competition.

27 Aug 2013

European hunter-gatherers owned pigs as early as 4600BC

European hunter-gatherers acquired domesticated pigs from nearby farmers as early as 4600BC, according to new research part-funded by NERC.

27 Aug 2013

Epic ocean voyages of baby corals revealed

Scientists, supported by NERC funding, have recreated the epic journeys of millimetre-sized baby coral across the world's oceans.

22 Aug 2013

Warming Antarctic seas likely to impact on krill habitats

New research from NERC's British Antarctic Survey shows that Antarctic krill numbers could be severely harmed by climate change.

22 Aug 2013

Alpha males don't have all the advantages, animal study shows

Physical dominance can give some wild animals the edge over their sexual rivals - but their weaker competitors have some breeding advantages too, a NERC supported study suggests.

22 Aug 2013

Human foot not as unique as originally thought

NERC supported research at the University of Liverpool has shown that the flexible human foot has more in common with the feet of other great apes than previously thought.

21 Aug 2013

Science spin-out adds colour to forest measurements

Carbomap, a spin-out company supported by NERC from its fundamental science beginnings, brings an 'MRI scanner for forests' to market.

20 Aug 2013

Beetles dish out tough love to curb greedy offspring, study finds

It's not quite Supernanny's naughty step, but the animal kingdom has developed its own hard-line strategy for dealing with badly behaved offspring, research funded by NERC suggests.

19 Aug 2013

Plants can change greenhouse gas emissions after warming

Different moorland plants can strongly influence climate warming effects on greenhouse gas emissions, according to a NERC-funded study.

19 Aug 2013

NERC supported research shows how females choose the 'right' sperm

NERC funded scientists reveal females select the 'right' sperm when faced with the risk of being fertilised by sperm from a different species.

16 Aug 2013