2013 news announcements

Entrepreneurial scientists scoop prize money at competition finals

Two teams of entrepreneurial researchers triumphed in a business plan competition for hypothetical biotechnology and environmental start-up companies on Monday.

4 Dec 2013

NERC announces the winner of its first photo and essay competition

The winners of NERC's inaugural short article and photography competition were announced at an awards ceremony in central London this evening.

2 Dec 2013

NERC supports growth with responsible environmental management in energy sector

NERC is funding research, skills and technologies, aimed at helping the oil and gas sector put environmental science at the heart of responsible management of our planet.

28 Nov 2013

Better modelling of tsunami zones could help insurance quotes

NERC grant awarded for improved modelling of tsunami risk.

25 Nov 2013

NERC signs MoU with global engineering consultancy Arup

NERC has this week signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with global engineering and design company Arup in the first strategic partnership of its kind for the UK's largest funder of environmental science.

7 Nov 2013

NERC invests £100 million in environmental science doctoral training

The Minister for Universities & Science David Willetts today announced £100 million of new NERC investment in fifteen Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs), which specialise in training environmental science PhD students.

4 Nov 2013

New Earth and marine science and technology centre

The British Geological Survey (BGS) and Heriot-Watt University are joining forces to create a new centre for Earth and marine science and technology.

31 Oct 2013

Archaeologists rediscover the lost home of the last Neanderthals

A record of Neanderthal archaeology, thought to be long lost, has been re-discovered by NERC-funded scientists working in the Channel Island of Jersey.

17 Oct 2013

Killer whales may have menopause so grandma can look after the kids

NERC has funded a new project to uncover why killer whales evolved a menopause.

17 Oct 2013

Iron in the Earth's core weakens before melting

New NERC-funded study gives insight into the unusual properties of Earth's core.

11 Oct 2013

Science Minister announces projects to monitor ocean currents

Science Minister David Willetts announces two major NERC-funded projects to monitor ocean currents.

9 Oct 2013

Royal Research Ship Discovery to be named by HRH The Princess Royal

HRH The Princess Royal will name the new RRS Discovery at NERC's National Oceanography Centre this week.

8 Oct 2013

Stress a key factor in causing bee colonies to fail

Extended periods of stress can cause bee colony failures, according to new research part-funded by NERC.

7 Oct 2013

Giant channels discovered beneath Antarctic ice shelf

NERC's BAS scientists help uncover ice channels that may help predict future of Antarctic ice sheet.

7 Oct 2013

Female flies keep mating within the family

NERC supported scientists show male fruit flies sleep around, but females stick with the same mate.

25 Sep 2013

New project may give insights into the evolution of human teeth

NERC has agreed to fund a project worth nearly £680,000 to investigate how teeth evolved in our earliest ancestors.

20 Sep 2013

Report highlights radical change needed to tackle avoidable food waste

A new report commissioned by the UK Global Food Security programme says radical change is needed to tackle avoidable food waste.

19 Sep 2013

British public split on nuclear power

Research councils show opposition to nuclear power in Britain has fallen since 2005.

19 Sep 2013

Undersea mountains provide crucial piece in climate prediction puzzle

NERC supported research shows undersea mountains are crucial in climate prediction.

19 Sep 2013

Achilles' heel of ice shelves is beneath the water, scientists reveal

NERC supported research reveals melting undersides of submerged ice shelves account for up to 90 per cent of ice loss in Antarctica.

16 Sep 2013

New research shows that the 'landslides season' is changing

NERC's British Geological Survey have shown that the number of landslides in the UK is increasing.

12 Sep 2013

Hottest days in some parts of Europe have warmed four times more than the global average

NERC supported research shows some of Europe's hottest days are four times warmer than the global average change since 1950.

11 Sep 2013

Jurassic jaws: How ancient crocodiles flourished during the age of the dinosaurs

NERC supported research has shown for the first time how crocodiles survived next to dinosaurs.

11 Sep 2013

Ambitious science mission sets off for Antarctica

A team of NERC-funded British scientists is making final preparations for an ambitious Antarctic science mission.

9 Sep 2013

Climate change will upset vital ocean chemical cycles

New research, part funded by NERC, shows that rising ocean temperatures will upset natural cycles of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and phosphorous.

9 Sep 2013