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11. Anti-depressants disrupt fish's brains

Drugs designed to ease the symptoms of mental health problems such as depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress can have major disruptive effects on aquatic animals' brains, say scientists.

Tags: Animals, Biology, Ecology, Fish, Genetics, Hazards, Health, Rivers and lakes
12. New water bear found in Antarctica

Scientists have announced the discovery of a tiny new animal in Antarctica's Victoria Land.

Tags: Animals, Antarctic, Biodiversity, Biology, Genetics
13. Podcast: Genetic progress in saving ash trees

This week in the Planet Earth podcast, Richard Buggs and Lizzy Sollars of Queen Mary University of London describe the latest UK efforts to breed ash trees that are resistant to the dieback disease that's currently ravaging East Anglia and the south east of England.

Tags: Conservation, Disease, Forests, Fungi, Genetics, Podcasts, UK
14. The last stand?

Few people will have missed the news that Britain's 80 million ash trees are under threat from an apparently unstoppable fungal disease, Chalara. But there is a glimmer of hope. Richard Hollingham talks to Richard Buggs from Queen Mary University of London, and Jo Clark, from the Earth Trust.

Tags: Adaptation and mitigation, Biodiversity, Biology, Disease, Forests, Genetics, Plants
15. Animal infection may trigger diabetes

Type 1 diabetes may be triggered by an infectious disease carried by animals, say scientists.

Tags: Animals, Biology, Disease, Genetics, Health, UK
16. New genetic test shows up fish mislabelling

Scientists have found a new way of testing for the genes of particular kinds of fish quickly, cheaply and accurately.

Tags: Conservation, Environmental change, Fish, Genetics, Natural resources, Oceans
17. New genetics project could help save the ash tree

Scientists plan to decode the ash tree's entire genetic sequence in the hope of stopping Britain's trees from being completely devastated by the Chalara ash dieback fungal disease.

Tags: Biodiversity, Biology, Disease, Forests, Genetics, UK
18. Ecological approach could help cystic fibrosis sufferers

Scientists more used to studying the communities of bacteria that live in natural environments like rivers and soils are helping transform doctors' understanding of a life-threatening illness, and could ultimately shed light on many other health problems too.

Tags: Ecology, Genetics, Health, Microbes
19. Telomere length predicts lifespan

You can predict how long a young bird is likely to live by looking at just one specialised piece of genetic material in its cells, new research shows.

Tags: Biodiversity, Birds, Genetics, Health

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