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21. Drought does long-term damage to rainforest

Recent droughts in the Amazon rainforest have effects that persist long after the rains have returned, a new study has shown.

Tags: Climate, Earth observation, Ecology, Environmental change, Forests, Hazards, Water
22. Peatland forest destruction raises climate concern

The destruction of tropical peatland forests is causing them to haemorrhage carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, scientists say.

Tags: Atmosphere, Climate, Conservation, Ecology, Environmental change, Forests, Natural resources, Plants, Rivers and lakes, Sustainability, Water
23. Plastic found in British fish

Scientists have found tiny fragments of plastic in the digestive systems of fish pulled from the English Channel.

Tags: Conservation, Ecology, Fish, Marine life, Microplastics, Oceans, Pollution, UK, Water
24. Farmers bid to reduce river pollution and encourage wildlife

Cornish farmers are benefitting from improvements to their farms that will also cut pollution levels in the River Fowey, which originates high on Bodmin Moor and runs for about 30 miles until it reaches the sea.

Tags: Biodiversity, Ecology, Farming, Fish, Natural resources, Pollution, Rivers and lakes, Sustainability, Water
25. Study highlights food risk hotspots

The poorest societies may be more able to adapt to the threat climate change poses to food supplies than their slightly richer peers, a new study suggests.

Tags: Adaptation and mitigation, Climate, Environmental change, Food, Hazards, Water
26. Going underground

Malta has a serious nitrate pollution problem. But where is it all coming from? Marianne Stuart traces the source from the underground galleries to farmers' fields.

Tags: Geology, Water
27. Fear of water

Some soils hold water, others repel it. Stefan Doerr explains the strange world of hydrophobic soils.

Tags: Environmental change, Flooding, Natural resources, Soils, Water

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