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11. Water treatment could be carbon neutral

Carbon dioxide released by some wastewater treatment plants could be recycled at the same time as enhancing the production of renewable energy in the form of natural gas, say scientists.

Tags: Conservation, Earth system, Ecology, Environmental change, Food, Microbes, Natural resources, Pollution, Sustainability, Technology, UK
12. Bacteria in cystic fibrosis lung infections become selfish

Bacteria that infect the lungs of cystic fibrosis sufferers lose their ability to work together, becoming more selfish and less cooperative the longer the infection, say scientists.

Tags: Health, Microbes
13. Building evolution-proof drugs

A new generation of drugs could help combat the growing number of bacterial diseases that are becoming resistant to antibiotics, a study reveals.

Tags: Health, Microbes
14. Ozone can protect fruit from decay for weeks after exposure

Scientists have discovered why fruit and vegetables last longer after being exposed to ozone.

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15. Salt marsh restoration could bring carbon benefits

Allowing farmland that's been reclaimed from the sea to flood and turn back into salt marsh could make it absorb lots of carbon from the atmosphere, a new study suggests, though the transformation will take many years to complete.

Tags: Conservation, Ecology, Environmental change, Microbes, Soils
16. Ecological approach could help cystic fibrosis sufferers

Scientists more used to studying the communities of bacteria that live in natural environments like rivers and soils are helping transform doctors' understanding of a life-threatening illness, and could ultimately shed light on many other health problems too.

Tags: Ecology, Genetics, Health, Microbes
17. Europe still has a rich reservoir of unknown species

You could be forgiven for thinking that all of Europe's plants and animals were discovered, documented and named a long time ago. But it turns out that nothing could be further from the truth.

Tags: Animals, Biodiversity, Biology, Birds, Ecology, Fish, Fungi, Insects, Microbes, Plants
18. Algae cultivation could boost UK industry

UK companies could cash in on the massive opportunities available from producing biofuels and other products from cultivated algae, say scientists.

Tags: Adaptation and mitigation, Climate, Ecology, Marine life, Microbes, Sustainability
19. Rebels with a cause

Rebel organisms are newcomers that shake up the prevailing ecological order and can radically re-shape the environment. Hywel Williams and Tim Lenton explain how this new concept can shed light on everything from how oxygen became so vital to life on Earth, to humanity's troubled relationship with fossil fuels.

Tags: Microbes, Pollution

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