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11. A new history of Antarctic ice

There's still a huge amount we don't know about the history of the southern polar ice sheet. Bethan Davies was part of an international team that brought together the latest findings to reveal a complex and dynamic Antarctica.

Tags: Antarctic, Climate, Environmental change, Ice
12. Antarctic ice loss has doubled

The Antarctic ice sheet has lost ice twice as quickly in the past three years as when it was last surveyed between 2005 and 2010, say scientists.

Tags: Antarctic, Climate, Earth observation, Ice, Sea level change, Technology
13. Podcast: Measuring methane above the Arctic

This week in the Planet Earth podcast, Michelle Cain of the University of Cambridge and Stéphane Bauguitte of the Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements explain how and why they're measuring methane in the atmosphere above the Arctic - a region that's warming twice as fast as anywhere else on our planet.

Tags: Arctic, Ice, Natural resources, Podcasts, Pollution
14. Glacier's retreat is now irreversible

Pine Island Glacier, the largest single contributor to sea-level rise in Antarctica, has started shrinking, say scientists.

Tags: Antarctic, Climate, Earth system, Environmental change, Geology, Ice, Oceans, Sea level change
15. Scientists closer to understanding East Antarctic response to climate change

For the first time scientists have begun mapping one of the remotest areas of Antarctica.

Tags: Antarctic, Climate, Environmental change, Geology, Ice, Mapping, UK
16. Wet UK summers linked to Arctic sea ice retreat

The UK's remarkable recent run of wet summers may have been partly down to increased melting of Arctic sea ice.

Tags: Atmosphere, Climate, Flooding, Ice, Oceans, Weather
17. CryoSat-2 mission reveals major Arctic sea-ice loss

Arctic sea ice volume has declined by 36 per cent in the autumn and 9 per cent in the winter between 2003 and 2012, a UK-led team of scientists has discovered.

Tags: Arctic, Earth observation, Environmental change, Ice, Space
18. On the up

Antarctica is still on the rebound after shedding huge volumes of ice. Matt King and Pippa Whitehouse explain how they're tracking its slow movement, and why.

Tags: Antarctic, Earth observation, Earth system, Environmental change, Geology, Ice
19. Ice mission shows precise changes in Arctic sea-ice thickness

Scientists have produced the first map which shows the changes in the thickness of Arctic sea ice through the entire winter season. The map is the most accurate and extensive yet.

Tags: Arctic, Environmental change, Ice, Mapping, Space
20. CryoSat-2 data reveals Arctic ocean circulation

Scientists have used data from the European Space Agency's (ESA) ice mission, CryoSat-2 to create the first complete map of ocean circulation in the Arctic.

Tags: Antarctic, Arctic, Ice, Environmental change, Oceans

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