Keeping back the floods resources available

Diagram of coastal flooding

10 April 2017 by Sylvie Kruiniger

Want to get to know your fluvial from your pluvial? Use our posters and postcards to get up to date with what causes flooding and what's being done to reduce its impact.

Flooding resources for researchers and teachers to share

We have files you can use on social media as well as a hi-res poster and postcard files for printing. All these are free to use under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Licence - please credit NERC / Ben Gilliland.


Flooding poster thumbnailFlooding poster (PDF, 17MB)

Social media files

Coastal flooding thumbnailCoastal flooding image (JPG, 468KB) - 1,500 pixel-wide image

Flash flooding thumbnailFlash flooding image (JPG, 470KB) - 1,500 pixel-wide image

Groundwater flooding thumbnailGroundwater flooding image (JPG, 472KB) - 1,500 pixel-wide image

River flooding thumbnailRiver flooding image (JPG, 439KB) - 1,500 pixel-wide image

Surface flooding thumbnailSurface flooding image (JPG, 514KB) - 1,500 pixel-wide image

Postcard files for printing

01 Coastal (tidal) flooding
02 Flash flooding
03 Groundwater flooding
04 River (fluvial) flooding
05 Surface (pluvial) flooding