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Environmental scientists study the entire planet, from the edge of the atmosphere to the centre of the Earth, discovering the past and projecting into the future. We work in partnership with business, government and society to deliver solutions to UK and global challenges. For over 50 years, our work has increased understanding of environmental challenges and enabled effective responses to them. The case studies and reports below show how we work with business, government and society to limit climate warming, create a circular economy and ensure a productive, resilient and healthy planet.

NERC Impact Series

NERC Impact Reports

Until 2017, we produced an annual compilation of impact evidence, the NERC Impact Report. We now produce this information in instalments throughout the year, as the NERC Impact Series (see above).


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Great science for a great future

Great science for a great future booklet coverThe research NERC has supported since its formation in 1965 has created innumerable benefits in the UK and beyond - making us more resilient to natural disasters, helping us use natural resources responsibly, increasing wellbeing and supporting economic growth. For the nation to flourish in a changing environment, our work as the driving force behind investment in UK environmental science has never been more critical.

This booklet outlines just a few of them - from protecting people and property from floods to saving the UK's peregrine falcons from pesticide poisoning.

Great science for a great future (PDF, 2.9MB)

More information about impact can be found in our impact section.