Timelines highlight UK contributions to eight great technologies

11 October 2013

Research Councils UK (RCUK) has launched new timelines to highlight UK contributions to the eight great technologies, including a number of NERC-funded examples.

Science minister David Willetts identified the eight great technologies as areas of wide-ranging significance and potential economic importance, in which the UK's research base is particularly strong. They are:

  1. The big data revolution and energy-efficient computing
  2. Satellites and commercial applications of space
  3. Robotics and autonomous systems
  4. Life sciences, genomics and synthetic biology
  5. Regenerative medicine
  6. Agri-science
  7. Advanced materials and nanotechnology
  8. Energy and its storage

The timelines chart the UK's ground-breaking contributions in each area right up to the present day. They include a number of NERC-funded highlights.

In space, NERC supported the CryoSat 2 satellite mission, giving unprecedented measurements of sea-ice thickness in the polar oceans and vast ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica.

In robotics, engineers at NERC's National Oceanography Centre developed the AutoSub6000, a robotic submarine capable of diving to depths of six kilometres, granting scientists unique access to more than 90% of the sea floor.

And in agri-science, NERC was a partner in the UK National Ecosystem Assessment, providing an invaluable overview of the state of the UK's natural environment and the benefits it provides to society and the economy.

The full timelines - external link can be found on the RCUK website.