Videos showcase NERC impact finalists' exceptional research

5 February 2015

In 2015 NERC recognised and rewarded eight of its scientists for a range of work, which has achieved exceptional economic and social benefit both to the UK and internationally.

A short film about each finalist, to showcase their research and its benefits, was premiered at the prize-giving ceremony on 27 January 2015 to launch NERC's 50th anniversary. Each film shows the breadth of the science, and its relevance to all our lives - from monitoring water quality, preventing flooding, bringing back extinct animals or protecting our health and well-being.

The overall winners, Professor John Pyle and Dr Neil Harris, received a total of £40,000 for their work to demonstrate the effect of man-made gases on the ozone layer, which helped to strength the Montreal Protocol - widely regarded as one of the most successful international treaties. They plan to use the prize to ensure fundamental research into atmospheric chemistry is further reflected in public policy.

There were a further three winners who each received £10,000, while the runners-up received £5,000 each.

The finalists were chosen by a shortlisting panel of experts from business, academia and the third sector, from over 82 applications, for their outstanding contribution to the UK's economy, society, wellbeing and international reputation.

You can watch all eight films below.

Subtitles (closed captions) are available once a video is playing.