Innovation Programmes

What are they?

NERC Innovation Programmes enable businesses, policymakers and civil society to work collaboratively in specific topic areas where there is a strong shared need for environmental research, which can be met by existing NERC science.

Key features

  • Industry-focused, although topics also relevant to policymakers, regulators and civil society.
  • Members define a manageable list of priority topics for the programme and make a contribution to the programme funding.
  • NERC invites proposals from academics which address the priority topics and translate the outcomes of research to a form that is usable by members.
  • Regular dissemination events at which researchers report their latest findings to members.

Benefits for members

  • Access to a developing body of high quality environmental research relevant to the needs of your organisation - allowing you to improve business performance, make decisions with the best possible knowledge, or develop innovative tools and solutions.
  • Leverage funding to tackle pre-competitive industry-relevant challenges or to trial more risky research areas which might not otherwise receive funding.
  • Opportunity to work with other members to share the cost of pre-competitive research.
  • Aimed at translating existing science, therefore giving access to research over a shorter timescale (compared to long term research programmes).
  • Understanding and awareness of the latest environmental science and opportunities to develop collaborations with the research base.

Current opportunities

NERC is developing Innovation Programmes in the following areas:


To find out more about NERC Innovation Programmes, send an email to the team at .