Working with you

Submarine vessel on deck of a boat

By listening to our partners in business, government and civil society and building an understanding of the challenges you face, we can:

  • Broker access to the best scientists and specialised facilities from across our research centres, UK universities and other research councils.
  • Match your requirements to the right data from across our six data centres.
  • Translate existing science so you can put into practice.
  • Design our new research and innovation investments with your needs in mind.
  • Train and equip our research community to address your challenges.

Funding opportunities

NERC funds a number of schemes to enable researchers to work with partners in business, policy and non-governmental organisations, providing access to the latest knowledge and expertise.

Case studies

Read our case studies and find out how NERC-funded science has benefitted a wide variety of partners in business, government and civil society.

How we work together

We have a number of mechanisms through which our partners can work with us to connect to our research base and harness our science.


Commercialisation is the innovative use of our intellectual property and know-how to provide products and services through licensing deals and spin-out companies.