Constructing a Digital Environment - Pre-announcement of funding opportunity

12 March 2019

NERC will shortly be inviting proposals for a second round of feasibility studies as part of the Strategic Priorities Fund Constructing a Digital Environment programme.

This call aims to further bring together the 'Digital Environment' community across multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and innovation to scope out sensor networks technology and the associated infrastructure, in order to identify what will be possible in the near and far future in the atmospheric, Earth and ocean domains. Ultimately this will lead to an understanding of how newly developed and existing distributed and instrumented networks could be incorporated into or form part of a digitally enabled environment.

Projects will identify improvements to existing sensor networks, as well as technologies and infrastructure for integration of networks (existing and new), with built in data processes. They will look at the possibilities associated with data processing, collation and interpretation and investigate how data could be accessed, visualised and used for decision making to provide benefit for policymakers, businesses, communities and individuals.

This will be an open call and is not limited to individuals with existing funding from a specific scheme or research council.

Expected AO release: Early April 2019

Expected proposal deadline: Late May 2019

Expected project start date: November 2019


For general enquiries, please contact .