Solving business problems

Joint NERC / Innovate UK feasibility studies

NERC and Innovate UK invested £4 million in feasibility studies which used environmental data to develop new solutions to business problems.

The business led projects aimed to develop solutions and services which, through the integration of multiple environmental datasets or environmental data from other sources (such as 'business data'), offered specific commercial benefits and/or limited business risks and increased resilience.

Of the 33 projects funded, 21 include a NERC-funded academic partner. View the list of NERC-funded projects below:

Environmental data projects with NERC funding (PDF, 118KB)

These projects started in spring 2014 and ran from three months up to a year.

Environmental data - short projects to consider products, applications and services

The call for feasibility studies with Innovate UK was preceded by a call for 'environmental data - short projects to consider products, applications and services'.

View the list of awarded grants below:

Environmental data awarded grants (PDF, 84KB)