Marine Renewable Energy Knowledge Exchange Programme

This programme has finished, please see the current offshore renewable energy activity.

Wind turbines at sea

NERC funded the Marine Renewable Energy Knowledge Exchange Programme (MREKEP) to catalyse the development of partnerships between the academic research base and industry, as well as regulators and policymakers, to accelerate the uptake of research to inform the sector.

The programme focused on developing existing NERC research and science capabilities to understand the potential impact of wave, wind and tidal technologies on the ecology and hydrodynamics of the marine environment, as well as facilitating development of innovative technologies and tools for environmental characterisation and monitoring.

It had five focus areas:

  • Uncertainty and risk.
  • Cumulative impact assessment.
  • Underwater noise.
  • Cost effective monitoring.
  • Data access and management.

The programme included two principal strands of work aimed at building a sustainable future for the offshore renewable energy sector.

Firstly, to facilitate development of stronger partnerships between the academic, public, private and third sector organisations by:

  • Improving government and industry access to the science and innovation base.
  • Improving coordination of research and innovation between government, industry and the research community.
  • Developing collaborative R&D partnerships.
  • Showcasing UK expertise in national and international forums.

Secondly, aiming to serve the needs of the offshore energy sector by:

  • Facilitating the application, adaptation and creation of research products and services.
  • Accelerating the uptake of NERC-funded research and data by relevant businesses and policymakers.
  • Providing a conduit for obtaining information and feedback from research end users to inform NERC's future science strategy and research programme objectives.

The programme also provided a horizon scanning service to the sector by supplying information on news, events, research and testing, and funding opportunities.


April 2011 - March 2015


£1·5 million.


The programme facilitated and supported knowledge exchange activities and projects to help address priority issues for the sector. Such projects were proposed by and developed with members of the community through a well defined process and reviewed by the project manager and an independent external reviewer to ensure the project aims aligned with the programme, achieve value for money and were likely to generate a significant impact.

Programme Advisory Group (PAG)

The programme was advised by a group of sector stakeholders including energy companies, regulatory bodies and academics. The group met twice each year and its role was to oversee and advise on the programme's strategic direction. The group provided advice on proposed priorities and activities to help ensure the programme met its goals, remained focused upon its objectives, and delivered high-quality, added-value outputs.

Programme Management Team

The day-to-day management of the programme was carried out by a Programme Management Team. The team comprised members of NOC and NERC Swindon Office staff:

  • Knowledge Exchange Programme Team (NOC)
    • Paul Bell (academic lead)
    • Annie Linley (programme manager)
    • Eleanor Ashton (programme administrator)

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