Managing your grant using Je-S

You can use the research councils' Joint electronic submissions (Je-S) - external link to manage your current NERC grants.

We'd like all grant holders to use Je-S in this way to request:

  • grant exceptional slippage
  • grant extension
  • extensions to deliverable due dates (for example, final expenditure statements)
  • waiver of deliverable
  • grant suspension
  • grant resumption
  • grant termination
  • grant transfer
  • grant holder change

You can also make a 'generic change request' for any other type of change not covered in the list.

Please refer to the UKRI guidance - external link to make sure that your request contains enough detail to allow swift processing. Once you've submitted your request through Je-S, it will be forwarded to our staff to action.

Instructions on how to use Je-S to make these requests are available in the Je-S helptext. You'll be notified of the outcome of your request via email rather than through Je-S.