Strategic Research Impact Scheme


NERC recognises the potential to achieve large-scale, transformative impact from our strategic research investments. This potential is significantly enhanced via strategically-targeted, coordinated activities with dedicated funding. To that end, NERC is developing a scheme which aims to support activities that focus on identifying and exploiting future opportunities to achieve and maximise impact from NERC's strategic research investments. This Strategic Research Impact Scheme (SR-IS) will complement NERC's strategic innovation investments in priority areas and the direct Institutional Impact Acceleration accounts granted to individual research organisations.

NERC also continues to support project-specific Pathways to Impact, to exploit the potential opportunities and approaches to generating impact from individual research grants and ensuring user perspectives are strongly represented.

Strategic Research Impact Scheme (SR-IS)

NERC will continue to develop and fund strategic research programmes that will deliver significant impact and benefits to the UK economy and society.

In order to maximise their impact, NERC is introducing an impact scheme targeted specifically at NERC's strategic research investments: the SR-IS. This scheme is intended to be complementary to knowledge exchange activities within a strategic research programme and projects awarded via the SR-IS will be expected to engage as appropriate with in-programme projects and activities. The SR-IS will concentrate on knowledge translation and utilisation, the scheme will not provide funding for fundamental research.

Translational activities could be focused on deriving coordinated impact from previously funded or on-going NERC research (strategic and/or responsive) directly related to a past, current or planned strategic research programme or two or more related programmes. Work carried out under the SR-IS will also look forward to inform future strategic research investments and to which areas translational funding is deployed in order to derive maximum economic and societal benefit from the fundamental research.

In order to trial the scheme and inform the development of the SR-IS, NERC ran a pilot call in 2014. View the funded projects of this call on the awards page.