Focused training

Focused studentships and training awards ensure that we provide individuals with particular, specialist skills that are linked to our strategic priorities or to the skills identified by our community.

Reviewing future skills needs and gaps and addressing these is important, particularly as science changes and develops and becomes increasingly interdisciplinary. Focused studentships not only equip individuals with the skills necessary for delivering high-quality research in priority areas but also with the skills to help address the needs of industry, policymakers, advisory bodies, regulators and employers.

Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs)

CDTs are institutions or consortia offering focused studentships awarded to address professional, technical and academic skills gaps identified by NERC and its partners.

CASE studentships

CASE studentships are awarded to promote collaboration between the research community and the end-users of research. CASE studentships are PhD studentships during which the student enhances their training by spending 3-18 months with a CASE partner in a workplace outside of the academic environment.

Research programme grants associated studentships

Some research programme grants may also allow funding to be requested for a project student. The research undertaken through a project studentship will be closely associated with the work carried out in the grant. The research topic of the parent grant will be determined by the requirements of its awarding research programme.

Research programme competition studentships

Alongside research programme grants associated studentships, NERC also holds stand alone research programme funding opportunities for studentships. These studentships are awarded to address science challenges and priorities identified by NERC and its partners.

Research centre & survey studentships

NERC research centres and surveys host studentships in collaboration with a PhD awarding organisation. These institutes, such as the British Geological Survey (BGS), award studentships within research topics relevant to their science remits.