Advanced skills training

NERC expect all members of our community to undertake advanced skills training over the course of their careers. This training provides members of the NERC community with opportunities to develop their technical, professional and personal transferable skills valued by employers in any sector alongside improving and broadening the skills base within the environmental sciences.

NERC Data Management Online Training Portal

The NERC Data Management Online Training Portal offers training in data management relevant to NERC remit and aligned with the objectives of the Industrial Strategy.

2017 NERC Industrial Strategy Training Courses

Supported through the National Productivity Investment Fund, NERC Industrial Strategy Training Courses deliver training to NERC students in topics aligned with the objectives of the Industrial Strategy.

2018 NERC Industrial Strategy Innovation Placements

This is a scheme supported through the National Productivity Investment Fund. It is not currently active but details will be published as soon as they are available.

Evidence Synthesis Training pilot scheme

The Evidence Synthesis Training pilot scheme supports training for NERC students at the point of submission and early career researchers relevant to the theme of evidence synthesis to inform policy and business decision-making, focusing on the translation of research into evidence for users of NERC research.

Policy internships

Research Councils UK (RCUK) policy internships provide an opportunity for NERC funded PhD students to work for three months in one of a selected group of highly influential policy organisations.

Environment YES competition

Environment YES is an innovative scheme providing training and guidance to early-career researchers on innovation and how to commercialise their research during a three day workshop. On the final day of the workshop, participants pitch their ideas for a hypothetical environmental start-up company for a prize of £2,500 and an opportunity to attend the Rice Business Plan Competition in Houston, Texas. This competition is free to enter and further information can be found here.

Advanced Training Short Courses (ATSC)

ATSCs are training initiatives held to provide the environmental science community with advanced skills training in a diverse range of subjects and techniques. This training is provided with the intention of ensuring that the UK environmental sciences community is equipped with transferable and multidisciplinary skills appropriate for careers in research as well as in non-academic settings.

Undergraduate research experience placements (REPs)

NERC recognises that there is a shortage of individuals with quantitative skills coming into environmental science. REPs are aimed at addressing this shortage by offering funding for summer placements which focus on encouraging undergraduate students currently studying quantitative disciplines to consider a career in environmental research.

NERC research centre training programme

To complement the training activities delivered through NERC doctoral programmes and standalone training schemes, the NERC research centres have developed a programme of training courses open to all NERC students as well as early career researchers within the NERC science remit.

These courses are organised and delivered throughout the year by the individual research centres and the programme of available courses will evolve and expand as new opportunities are developed.

Other training opportunities

In addition to the above training initiatives, training in public engagement, short courses, summer schools and courses provided by Vitae are also available.