Peer Review College Chairs

Following the 2008 evaluation of the Peer Review College, NERC recruited a group of Peer Review College Chairs (PRC) who have specific responsibility for leading all of the Discovery Science moderating Panels. Chairs normally serve for a term of four years.

The current membership of the Peer Review College Chairs is as follows:

  • Professor Michael Bentley
    Durham University
  • Professor Michael Bruford
    Cardiff University
  • Professor Matthew Collins
    University of Exeter
  • Dr Marie Edmonds
    University of Cambridge
  • Professor Dwayne Heard
    University of Leeds
  • Professor Jane Hill
    University of York
  • Professor Daniel Parsons
    University of Hull
  • Professor Stuart Piertney
    University of Aberdeen
  • Professor Richard Williams
    University of Liverpool

The following documents contain information relating to the annual Peer Review College Chairs meeting.

Summary of annual PRC Chairs meeting - 3 March 2016 (PDF, 79KB)

Summary of annual PRC Chairs meeting - 25 February 2015 (PDF, 125KB)