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SHEAR Announcement of Opportunity: Catalyst grants - Full proposal stage

Closing date: 10 Apr

25 Jan 2018

Full proposals are invited for the Catalyst call as part of the Science for Humanitarian Emergencies & Resilience programme funded by the Department for International Development and NERC. The call is only open to applicants who were successful at the Outline Bid stage.

Centre for Doctoral Training 2018 call

Closing date: 13 Mar

17 Jan 2018

NERC is pleased to confirm co-investment up to £2·2 million through EPSRC's 2018 CDT call in the area of renewable energy in support of CDTs working across the EPSRC / NERC interface.

Announcement of Opportunity: National capability services & facilities commissioning - isotope and radiocarbon facility

Closing date: 26 Jul

16 Jan 2018

NERC is inviting eligible UK higher education institutions, NERC research centres and independent research organisations to apply to the second round of services and facilities commissioning.

Call for applicants to attend the Global Food Security programme Policy Lab

Closing date: 19 Feb

11 Jan 2018

The Global Food Security programme invites expressions of interest from post-doctoral researchers to take part in a Policy Lab on the determinants of food choice and the combination of interventions across these that will lead to healthier and more sustainable diets.

Announcement of Opportunity: Doctoral Training Partnerships 2 (DTP2)

Closing date: 7 Mar

8 Jan 2018

NERC invites proposals to host and deliver its second phase of investment in Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs).

Atmospheric Pollution & Human Health in a Developing Megacity Announcement of Opportunity: China phase 2

Closing date: 25 Apr

8 Jan 2018

Proposals are invited for the second phase of the Atmospheric Pollution & Human Health (APHH) China programme. NERC and MRC (with a budget from the Newton Fund) will support UK researchers to work with Chinese collaborators to deliver additional targeted research to exploit and enhance the measurements collected through the programme and with stakeholders to ensure better and wider utility and impact of the research.

Peruvian Glacial Retreat & its Impact on Water Security & Resilience to Natural Hazards workshop

Closing date: 26 Jan

19 Dec 2017

NERC are inviting applications from UK scientists to attend a joint workshop with Consejo Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Tecnológica, Perú (CONCYTEC) in Lima on 19-20 March 2018 on Peruvian Glacial Retreat & its Impact on Water Security & Resilience to Natural Hazards.

Wallacea Region – Understanding biodiversity & evolutionary responses to environmental change - Networking workshop

Closing date: 9 Jan

14 Dec 2017

NERC invites applications from UK scientists to attend a networking workshop for the Wallacea Region - Understanding biodiversity & evolutionary responses to environmental change programme, which NERC has developed with its partner funding agency in Indonesia.

Cabinet Office High Level Knowledge Exchange Fellowship

Closing date: 6 Feb

11 Dec 2017

NERC and the Civil Contingencies Secretariat (CCS) of the Cabinet Office are seeking a senior member of the environmental science community to take on a key role linking NERC science with policymaking.

Highlight topics - fourth round

Closing date: 23 Jan

30 Nov 2017

NERC invites proposals for the fourth round of highlight topics, a route for funding strategic research.