Equipment pool

Our safety equipment pool is located at NERC's Swindon office.

You can borrow equipment for short/medium term use at NERC sites. Some items can only be used by staff who are qualified and authorised in their use.

If you need to use equipment for longer periods you must buy your own. Make sure you build this into your project planning and budget at an early stage.


  • Fume cupboard containment testing kit*
  • TSI Airflow Development TA440A hot wire anemometer (ideal for fume cupboard face velocity monitoring)*
  • Miran Sapphire XL infrared gas analyser with inbuilt library to sample 120 gases*
  • CEL 440 Type 1 noise meter with octave band analysis* and CEL 120 Type 1 calibrator*
  • Cirrus dose badge - personal noise exposure dosimeter badges* (kept at BAS)
  • SKC Split 2 dust monitor*
  • Casella Tuff Personal Monitoring Pump with associated dust sampling equipment*
  • PPM Formaldemeter TM400 formaldehyde monitor
  • Casella Microtherm Indoor Air Quality Monitor*
  • Gastec pump for use with colour stain indicator tubes
  • Light meter
  • Smoke generator

* Items can only be used by suitably qualified and authorised staff.

Your responsibilities

If you borrow equipment, you are responsible for:

  • arranging its collection and prompt return
  • advising us when it has been returned
  • the cost of repairs for any damage during use
  • obtaining appropriate documentation for transporting compressed gas, whether carried by NERC vehicles or by contract carrier.


For further information and documentation, or to book equipment, please contact:

Bill Dark
07864 944752