Sustainability management structure

NERC is part of UK Research & Innovation (UKRI). The duty holders for compliance with sustainability related legislation are the NERC Executive Chair and the Chair of UKRI.

A structure is in place to ensure effective management of sustainability at all levels across NERC. This includes, but is not limited to, defined roles as follows:

  • NERC Executive Chair - Accountable and responsible for delivery against NERC sustainability commitments, duty holder in regards to sustainability legislation and government reporting requirements.
  • NERC Management Board - Responsible for providing strategic direction and sign-off of NERC sustainability commitments. Oversight of ownership and governance.
  • NERC Director of Corporate Affairs - Directorate lead for sustainability. Overall responsibility for ensuring effective delivery of sustainability activity across the investment portfolio.
  • NERC Sustainability Team - Responsible for development and implementation of the NERC sustainability commitments through the NERC responsibility framework.
  • NERC Sustainability Steering Committee - To advise on and steer the development and implementation of the NERC responsibility framework.
  • NERC Environmental Professionals Group - Responsible for implementation of environmental sustainability improvements across centres and national capability.


A central budget is held at head office to deliver and support sustainability initiatives. Sustainability investments are funded locally, a mechanism is under development to allow NERC staff to request funds for larger 'step change' projects from NERC.

To find out more or to contact the NERC Sustainability Team please email .