Sustainability for NERC is all about creating and nurturing an environment and culture in which social, economic and environmental responsibility is embedded, balancing the needs of the NERC community and our stakeholders, including immediate needs and those of future generations. We summarise this as caring for people, planet and prosperity.

We aspire to embed sustainability across our entire investment portfolio; from within our centres and how we operate our national capability to how we work with the universities and research institutions we fund. This is in line with the core values of our research community who have a strong desire to ensure we deliver our world leading environmental science in a world leading way.

We are developing a responsibility framework to deliver a new approach to sustainability for NERC. This framework includes four pillars:

  • Social responsibility
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Responsible business
  • Responsible research

The new NERC responsibility policy will be available shortly, which will replace our current corporate responsibility statement. As part of our new approach, we are also reviewing and updating our sustainability targets and objectives.

Historically, a sustainability report on progress and achievements towards our sustainability targets has appeared every year in the NERC Annual Report. NERC sustainability case studies can be explored on the achievements page.

Alongside its own framework development, NERC is also leading on the development of the Environmental Sustainability Policy for UKRI. To find out more about this work please visit the UKRI website - external link.

To find out more or to contact the NERC Sustainability Team, please email .