Head office

Head office provides corporate leadership and coordinates strategy, planning, performance management, reporting and external relations for the whole of NERC.

Teams in head office support NERC funding role, develop policy and administer funding to universities and public sector research institutes.

Head office also provides support services including finance, IT, people, estates and communications.

Our Executive Chair and operational directors are based in Swindon.

Executive Chair

Professor Duncan WinghamProfessor Sir Duncan Wingham
Executive Chair
01793 411653

Lesley Harris
01793 411618


Alison RobinsonMs Alison Robinson
Deputy Executive Chair and Director of Corporate Affairs
01793 411985

Liesl Shephard
01793 411985

Dr Iain Williams Dr Iain Williams
Director of Strategic Partnerships
01793 411977

Sue Bennett
01793 411977

Nigel BirdMr Nigel Bird
Director of Major Programmes
01793 411972


Professor Susan Waldron Professor Susan Waldron
Director of Research & Skills
01793 411548

Katja Rogers
01793 411548

Victoria McMynMrs Victoria McMyn
Chief Operating Officer
07710 102944

Sandra Bailey
01793 411674

Associate Directors

Dr Hannah Collins
Associate Director, Engagement and Futures Programmes
07874 800458



Corrina Urquhart
Associate Director – Strategy & Insight (Corporate Affairs)
07562 169604



Mrs Maraki Mikroudaki
Associate Director, COP26 Stakeholder Engagement & Programme Coordinator
07590 447269



Mrs Michaela Simpson
Head of Head Office Operations
01793 442633



Mr Rob Gillies
Associate Director, UKRI Sustainability
07763 582880
01793 411645



Mr Robyn Thomas
Associate Director, Discovery Science, Talent & Skills
01793 413181
07584 523148



Dr Sarah Turner
Associate Director, Strategic Programme Delivery
07565 201332



Dr Sarah Webb
Associate Director, International
07714 396453



Sophie Hodgson
Associate Director, National Capability
07789 398279



Dr Sophie Laurie
Associate Director of Interdisciplinary Capability
07799 341642



Dr Jen Jennings
Associate Director, Strategic Programme Generation
07395 845483

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